Happy Holidays from your Tara Leeway Heights Civic Association neighbors! Your TLHCA board of directors wishes for all a safe festive season responsibly shared with family and friends.

Since our summer printed newsletter landed in your real mailboxes in July, it certainly seems that a lot has happened in our neighborhood.

The two massive public works projects just east and west of us have made significant, visible progress. Virginia Hospital Center’s big expansion on the old Edison site remains on track. And our new neighborhood school is also set for its scheduled opening September 1, 2021. I have an exciting, much more detailed report for you below on developments around the new school.

We are continuing our series of conversations with our Westover merchants in this newsletter. This time, we speak with the owner of the Westover Market and Beer Garden.

Efforts continue to rename and reimagine Lee Highway. We have an update for you on that effort.

And as Christmas draws near in this time of COVID, we offer profiles of a couple of local organizations who assist those in the greatest need.

Please consider joining our membership ranks. A form to do so is enclosed below. And don’t forget our next meeting is January 5 at 7:00!

On behalf of all of your TLHCA board members, please accept this heartfelt wish for health and happiness for you and your families.


John Ford, President, Tara-Leeway Heights Civic Association

And here is the link: December 2020 Newsletter

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